Blacktown Workers Club was proud to have hosted a graduation breakfast, where 12 students referred from Settlement Services International – SSI and supported by Clubs NSW, recently completed a certificate II in hospitality delivered through the professional training services of Barrington’s. Professor Peter Shergold, the NSW Coordinator-General for Refugee Resettlement, was in attendance at the breakfast and congratulated all for their achievement. Through this program, Blacktown Workers Club has had the pleasure of assisting the new graduates and have offered employment to Bassam , Ramz and Elizabet .. Welcome to the team!


It has long been a tradition on the first Sunday of December our members’ children celebrate Christmas with the Club. We remain one of the few Clubs who still honour this tradition. Over 200 volunteers from our Sporting Clubs and staff rally together to ensure our members children have an enjoyable day.

The Club provides rides, gifts, drinks, ice creams, lollies and snacks for over 2,600 children of members who attend the party each year. The Children’s Christmas Party is a project that takes ten months to logistically prepare and costs over $100,000 annually.


Harold Becker is our current Welfare Officer. The Club provides Harold with a Club vehicle to undertake his duties. The Welfare Officer visits members who are in hospital or nursing homes on a daily hospital, adding a little cheer to those who need it.

The Welfare Officer also attends members’ funerals as a representative of the Club.


Blacktown Workers Club has implemented a Safe Family Support Leave initiative, allowing staff members dealing with domestic violence to speak with support agencies during their normal working hours, without loss of pay.

Mr. Neale Vaughan, General Manager of the Blacktown Workers Club implemented the initiative in 2012, after attending a community meeting where the issue of domestic violence against women in the Blacktown area was discussed.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary and confidential counselling service paid for by Blacktown Workers Club. Our focus is on maintaining the mental wellbeing of employees. We can assist when personal, family or work issues are impacting on your health or quality of life. This is a confidential service to help all staff through challenging times in their life.